I'm a web developer with a passion for UX and a Master's degree in Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology from the U of Waterloo Engineering. Using my background in tech start-up, management and fashion, I bring everything I love about the process of creating, user-centric design and innovation to every line of code I write.

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  • Vue, React, JS, REST APIs, Prismic, GraphQL, Gatsby, Contentful, HTML5, Stylus, CSS3, SCSS, Sketch, Figma
  • Git, Github, Unit Testing
  • Responsive design, UI/UX design mindset, Best practices, Completed W3C's Web Accessibility Course
  • Project management, Problem-solving, Leadership, Certified Management Consultant designation courses


Front End Developer | 8/2022 - Present / Top Hat

  • Work in a cross-functional team to create new pages as well as update existing code and pages on the corporate site
  • Manage the Catalog of Top Hat's app, which allows you to control interactive textbooks
  • Use JavaScript, SCSS, Unit Testing, Jenkins, React, TypeScript, and PHP
  • Mentor junior developers on code quality and best practices by providing technical leadership
  • Proactively improve the overall handoff and QA processes for better work efficiency and product quality
  • Work closely with the Design team to upgrade the digital experience and solve design problems together
  • Collaborate with SEO Manager to continuously maintain and advance the SEO of the corporate site

Intermediate Web Developer | 5/2022 - 7/2022 • Junior Web Developer | 8/2020 - 5/2022 / InVintory

  • Worked in an Agile environment to manage the performance and usability of InVintory's three web products: the main app which provides elevated wine collecting experiences including 3D cellar management, the internal admin app used for database management, and the marketing site
  • Used Vue, REST APIs, Prismic CMS, JavaScript and Stylus
  • Supported the API team by QAing data endpoints as well as enhancing the database structures
  • Collaborated with the Unity team to ensure data is properly sent to and received from Unity for the VinLocate feature, which allows users to view their cellars in 3D and find bottles in an instant

Contract React Developer | 5/2020 - 7/2020 / Top Many Hats

  • Built a React-based blog site under the supervision of a senior engineer to attract new clients
  • Used React, Gatsby, GraphQL, Contentful, Styled Components and Github
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